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Love Wins - Part 1, Love Is
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Join us for Love Wins. A seven-part series that will take a look at what love is and how we can learn to express God’s love through our relationships.

Jesus says, “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John13:25). What is love? Is there a difference between Godly love and worldly love? Maybe you are done with love altogether! We have all had different experiences that have shaped our perspective of what love is, from friendships to marriage and everything in between. Over the next few weeks, Pastor Miles will be taking a look at how we can renew our perspective of love and learn to love others like God loves us.

The series will culminate at one of the most important celebrations of the year: Easter Sunday! This is a day where we are reminded of the greatest love that God displayed for us when His son was crucified and rose again to save us from our sins. We can confidently proclaim that love has won!

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Messages in This Series

Love Wins - Part 1, Love Is

Miles McPherson | Feb 21, 2016

Love Wins - Part 2, Love is a Bromance

Miles McPherson | Feb 28, 2016

Love Wins - Part 3, Love Draws Close

Miles McPherson | Mar 6, 2016

Love Wins - Part 4, Love Defines the Relationship

Miles McPherson | Mar 13, 2016

Love Wins - Part 5, Why We Worship

Marcus Preciado | Mar 20, 2016

Love Wins - Part 6, Love Does

Miles McPherson | Mar 25, 2016

Love Wins - Part 7, Love Won

Miles McPherson | Mar 27, 2016

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