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Part 1, Reset
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Most people associate a new year with new beginnings. Heading into 2021, there is much hope that this year will be different than the last. Though we don’t know what this coming year will hold, we can walk in the hope that God does know. Our circumstances might not immediately look different when the clock strikes midnight, but we can be intentional about setting our minds on Christ and resetting our priorities in the new year. more...
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Messages in This Series

Reset - Part 1, Reset

Miles McPherson | Jan 3, 2021

Reset - Part 2, Reset Your Discipline

Miles McPherson | Jan 10, 2021

Reset - Part 3, Reset Your Time in the Word

Miles McPherson | Jan 17, 2021

Reset - Part 4, Rest

Mario Montoya | Jan 24, 2021

Reset - Part 5, Priority Reset

Miles McPherson | Jan 31, 2021