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The Ruth Romance

Pastor Miles McPherson

In this 5-part series, Pastor Miles McPherson opens the Book of Ruth to reveal parallels between the story of Ruth and Boaz and our redeemed life with Jesus.

Ruth is a widowed woman in distress who is saved by a hero, her kinsman redeemer Boaz. When Ruth goes to Bethlehem and gleans in the field, the wealthy field owner Boaz notices her and finds out that she is a woman who honors God by her actions, having left her homeland to care for her mother-in-law and work in the fields. Boaz protects Ruth, redeems her from poverty, and marries her.

We can see many similarities in our relationship with Jesus, who came as our kinsman redeemer to marry us (the pagan foreigner), deliver us from spiritual poverty, and bring us into a life of honor.