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Pastor Miles McPherson

Superman. He is one of our most beloved childhood action superheroes—a man of extraordinary and superhuman powers with the ability to see through walls and fly faster than a speeding bullet. He had a heart for people. Was he just a childhood mythical character, or were the stories of superman tapping into the truest story ever told, a story already written on our hearts?

What if God really did give His children superhuman powers to help others? Would He really use us to open blind eyes, unstop deaf ears, and cause the lame to walk? If we asked for a physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in the name of Jesus, could it really happen?

In this message series, Pastor Miles teaches us about the supernatural power God has granted to His children to be a blessing to others. He inspires us with the teachings and actions of Jesus and then invites us to imitate Him and experience the supernatural for ourselves.