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Part 1, Can We Trust It?
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Sixty-six books, 1,189 chapters, over 30,000 verses, fully translated into 531 languages, and close to 5 billion copies sold. Billions of people use this book as a guide for hope, truth, purpose, and direction. Tens of thousands of people lose their lives just for mentioning the book’s name. Many others devote their lives to proving it's all a lie. This one book, The Bible, is easily the most popular and highly debated book in all of history. So what is the big deal? more...

Discovering the truth is essential to our faith and to sharing our faith with others. In this message series, Pastor Miles will be diving into this controversial book as we discover more about what all of the history, stories, and lessons mean and how they are still relevant to us today.
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Messages in This Series

The Bible - Part 1, Can We Trust It?

Miles McPherson · Jul 17, 2016

The Bible - Part 2, Canon

Miles McPherson · Jul 24, 2016

The Bible - Part 3, The Message

Miles McPherson · Jul 31, 2016

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