The Cast of Christmas

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Part 1, The Inn Keeper
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As Christmas approaches, join Pastor Miles for a 3-part series that explores the cast of characters God used to usher in the greatest act of love mankind has ever known. more...

When Jesus was born, all heaven and earth turned their focus onto the baby born under a star.

But often missed are the unbelievable stories that surround some of the other characters in the Christmas story: the shepherds, the wise men and the innkeeper. How were their lives used by God to bring about the birth of His Son? How do each of their stories give depth and dimension to the miracle of Christmas? How can each of their lives change yours?
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Messages in This Series

The Cast of Christmas - Part 1, The Inn Keeper

Miles McPherson · Dec 4, 2011

The Cast of Christmas - Part 2, Lowlife

Miles McPherson · Dec 11, 2011

The Cast of Christmas - Part 3, Villain

Miles McPherson · Dec 18, 2011

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