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The Life - Part 1, Acts Facts
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What does it look like to really live a life dedicated to Jesus? Is it simply being “good” person and serving in a ministry? Learn what living The Life - a lifelong journey of transformation within community - truly represents as we study the early church in Acts.

After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, the Apostles preached boldly, performed miracles, prayed and fasted regularly, demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit and evangelized to both near and far cities, all while being constantly persecuted for their faith. They were accused of “turning the world upside down.” (Acts 17:6b)

We’ll be challenged and inspired by the early church, as we see how who we are and what we do aren’t two distinct things; in fact, our “being” and our “doing” closely depend on each other as the Holy Spirit brings glory to Jesus through our lives.
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The Life - Part 1, Acts Facts

Miles McPherson | Jan 6, 2013

The Life - Part 2, Fasting

Miles McPherson | Jan 13, 2013

The Life - Part 3, The Power of Prayer

Scott Williams | Jan 27, 2013

The Life - Part 4, Living the Life

Mickey Stonier | Feb 3, 2013

The Life - Part 5, The Holy Spirit

Miles McPherson | Feb 10, 2013

The Life - Part 6, The Early Christians

Miles McPherson | Feb 17, 2013

The Life - Part 7, Nature of Your Freedom

Miles McPherson | Feb 24, 2013

The Life - Part 8, Discrimination in the Church

Miles McPherson | Mar 3, 2013

The Life - Part 9, Gang Life

Miles McPherson | Mar 10, 2013

The Life - Part 10, Thoughts into Action

Miles McPherson | Mar 24, 2013

The Life - Part 11, My Life

Miles McPherson | Apr 7, 2013

The Life - Part 12, Get Agrippa

Miles McPherson | Apr 14, 2013

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