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The Plan

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The Plan - Part 1, Remember
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Being a part of something bigger than ourselves is the greatest honor we could ask for. To be used in such a way to bless others, may in turn bless us more than we could ever imagine. God wants to use us in His plan. In fact, we are His plan. He calls us to be obedient to Him, even when it's hard. Although His plan is not always clear, we can be assured it is always for our better good, growing us in His ways, and leading us to His truth.

As the plan unfolds, we must remember what Jesus did on the cross to save us. We must be aggressive in seeking out His truth, allowing His forgiveness in our heart, for ourselves and towards others. We must be courageous in the journey, dependent on Christ alone, and know that our ultimate call is heavenward. As we talk about The Plan, God's plan, and discover what that means, let us not forget that we are His plan to love and bless the world, one person at a time.
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The Plan - Part 1, Remember

Miles McPherson | Oct 20, 2013

The Plan - Part 2, Be Aggressive, Make Disciples

Miles McPherson | Oct 27, 2013

The Plan - Part 3, The Forgiving Servant

Miles McPherson | Nov 3, 2013

The Plan - Part 4, Be Courageous

Miles McPherson | Nov 10, 2013

The Plan - Part 5, The Investor

Miles McPherson | Nov 17, 2013

The Plan - Part 6, Stirred

Miles McPherson | Nov 24, 2013