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Part 1, The Prophet
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The prophets of the Bible were God’s messengers. He called them to live lives that were set apart for Him and His purpose. They heard the voice of God and proceeded to communicate His heart and will for people, nations, and the world. This wasn’t always a pleasant experience, though. Some prophets were isolated, threatened, and even persecuted for standing in allegiance with the Word of God. Some had to live strange lives and most had to make sacrifices, but all were willing to heed God’s supernatural call to be messengers for Him. more...

In order for us to live prophetic lives, we also need to be surrendered to the Holy Spirit, to the point of living whatever life God purposes us to live. Be sensitive to the supernatural call on our lives and the tugging on our hearts in order to live a life submitted to God.

In this four-part series, Pastor Miles compares the lives of the prophets in the Bible to explore what it means to live a prophetic lifestyle and how we can also carry out the will of God. Pastor Miles helps us understand how to better hear the voice of God, observe His Word, and do according to what He says in order establish God’s heart and will here on earth.
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Messages in This Series

The Prophet - Part 1, The Prophet

Miles McPherson · Aug 4, 2019

The Prophet - Part 2, The Prophet’s Lifestyle

Miles McPherson · Aug 11, 2019

The Prophet - Part 3, Prophecy is Love

Miles McPherson · Aug 18, 2019

The Prophet - Part 4, Prophetic Redemption

Miles McPherson · Aug 25, 2019

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