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Part 1, Discipleship & Becoming More Like Jesus
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What’s discipling you right now? Is it the newest technology? A self-help guru? That podcast everyone can’t stop talking about? The answer to this question really matters - because the truth is that we become like the people we follow. more...

Everyone is a disciple of something. What is a disciple? A disciple is someone who shapes their life, decisions, and motivations around a person or an idea.

You are a disciple of whatever you’re chasing the hardest – whatever you're centering your life around. Our hope is that we would be disciples of Jesus who multiply by making more disciples. It is important to understand that a disciple of Jesus is someone who is learning to live and love like Jesus and leads others to do the same.

This 4-week series addresses the importance of discipleship. Discipleship starts with Jesus, and we want Rock Church to be marked by following Him! Through these messages and the Discipleship Pathway, learn how to take your next step toward spiritual growth and transformation as you live in relationship with others.
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