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Throne - Part 1, Throne Home
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In this 9-part series, Pastor Miles McPherson explores the theme of King David's throne in 2 Samuel and its significance to us as believers.

David’s throne is aligned with God’s power and in a protected and central location to his kingdom, just as Jesus needs to be on the throne of our lives, the center of all we are. We can also learn by David’s throne, “established forever” through the lineage of Jesus (2 Samuel 7:16), that God keeps His promises throughout the ages, even to us.

David’s kingdom can also teach us valuable life lessons. The actions of David and his sons in 2 Samuel are a warning against falling prey to our earthly desires. Poor judgment, lust, and disobedience can destroy us and deprive us of earthly responsibilities we have been given. We always need to remember Who is really on the throne and humble ourselves before Him.

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Throne - Part 1, Throne Home

Miles McPherson | Nov 2, 2008

Throne - Part 2, Throne Home

Miles McPherson | Nov 9, 2008

Throne - Part 3, The Covenant of the Throne

Miles McPherson | Nov 16, 2008

Throne - Part 4, Throne Away

Miles McPherson | Nov 23, 2008

Throne - Part 5, Throne to the Wind

Miles McPherson | Nov 30, 2008

Throne - Part 6, Throne to the Wolves

Miles McPherson | Dec 14, 2008

Throne - Part 7, The Throne's Mighty Ones

Miles McPherson | Dec 21, 2008

Throne - Part 8, Throne Before the Lord

Miles McPherson | Jan 4, 2009

Throne - Quiz

Miles McPherson | Feb 22, 2009

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