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To Be Determined

Pastor Miles McPherson

To be determined...what will God do through the Rock Church in 2015?

Looking back at what God did through us, with all that we gave in 2014 – our time, talent, and treasure – there is much to celebrate! Looking forward  – this year can be even greater.

We have been given a vision of His amazing hope, a pervasive hope that reaches every street and every person in San Diego and beyond, into the darkest places and the neediest communities. Will thousands be touched by the gospel? And will thousands more receive salvation? It’s to be determined.

In this challenging series to start the new year, Pastor Miles invites all of us to pray for even greater works in 2015, and to prepare your heart to make the greatest commitment of your life: join in the generosity that will make them possible. Imagine the blessings God has for you. Imagine the blessings in this city if every single one of us were committed to giving as the Bible instructs.

What will we do this year? It’s up to you, and it’s to be determined.