What If?

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Part 1, His Kingdom
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What if you prayed like Jesus? What if you prayed with an expectant heart, one that truly believed God would use you, hear you, answer you. What if you prayed to align your will with God's will? more...
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Messages in This Series

What If? - Part 1, His Kingdom

Miles McPherson | Sep 7, 2014

What If? - Part 2, Our Purpose

Miles McPherson | Sep 14, 2014

What If? - Part 3, What If I Prayed in this Manner?

Miles McPherson | Sep 21, 2014

What If? - Part 4, What If I Prayed in this Manner 2?

Miles McPherson | Sep 28, 2014

What If? - Part 5, What If I Prayed AWCIPA?

Miles McPherson | Oct 5, 2014

Right now counts forever. So do something.