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In this 3-part series, Pastor Miles McPherson unfolds many mysteries concerning the will of God, the Great I Am. more...

The Bible tells us our first commandment is to love God.  If you’ve heard Pastor Miles teach before, you’ve probably heard him say that loving God means obeying God—doing what He wants, not what we want.  But how do we know what He wants?  And…are we willing to do it?

Though seeking God’s will is a process that requires patience and practice over time, it is life-giving, impactful, and well worth discovering.  Through a continual self-surrender and seeking to be conformed to God, we can begin to think and feel as He does.  And discerning His will is halfway to obedience.
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Messages in This Series

Will I AM - Part 1

Miles McPherson | Apr 11, 2010

Will I AM - Part 2

Miles McPherson | Apr 18, 2010

Will I AM - Part 3

Miles McPherson | Apr 25, 2010

Right now counts forever. So do something.

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