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Miles A Minute

The 60 second video devotional by Miles McPherson

Everyone's Got A Minute

Everyone has a minute each day to spend with God.

Miles a Minute devotionals are designed to redefine everyday life from God’s perspective one minute at a time.

Experience a daily minute-long dose of encouragement, a challenging and thought provoking messages from pastor Miles.

Also available on YouTube.

Share With A Friend

Did you hear something that hit home? Remind you of a friend or family member in need? You can easily share what God is teaching you by sending your favorite Miles a Minute video!

Discuss / Describe

Take the challenge. In your quiet time alone, describe what the video’s message means to you. In a group or one-on-one discipleship, discuss what you learned.


This is the perfect tool to start discussions with people who do not go to church but still want to connect with God. Share with coworkers, acquaintances, or even the person behind you in line at Starbucks.

Use In Sermons

This is a great tool for pastors to use as media content during a sermon, backing up a powerful presentation.
“Miles a Minute was created as a way to speak God’s truth into the lives of those who don't normally find themselves inside a church.”
– Pastor Miles McPherson