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We welcome everyone with a heart to serve, but especially need volunteers with experience working with children. If you have a background in child development, education, recreation or faith-based programs for children, your skills are of great value to us. Students in these fields are also encouraged to join us. Many of the children we work with bear the emotional scars of traumatic life experiences and need specialized attention to overcome developmental delays or behavioral problems. Time, love and patience brings forth tangible results and rewards us greatly. Consistency is important as we strive to bring structure to the program. We need servants to commit for as long as they are able to help children feel a sense of dependability and security.

The children’s program (Parent Co-Op) lacks professional supervision. It is operated by parents who need positive role models to show them how to engage the children in meaningful and constructive activities and to manage behaviors in a positive way. Again, relevant experience is important. We are looking to extend to our hours of service by recruiting and orienting new leaders to plan, prepare and conduct weekly activities for toddlers and preschoolers independently or to develop vacation programs for 6 to 12-year-olds. However, there are always openings for assistants to learn the ropes.


Our ministry receives no direct financial support from the Rock Church or the ECTLC. We rely solely of the generosity of donors to stay afloat. We gratefully accept both in-kind and monetary donations to meet the ongoing need for toys, snacks, supplies and materials. We have wish lists and a collection box in the EC Rock Kids hallway. We also post requests on our Facebook page and promptly reply to emails asking about our current needs. Our Birthday Blessings parties require a monthly influx of refreshments, treats, prizes, party supplies, new or like-new toys and other gifts for children and gift cards for teens. Every donation, however humble, is greatly appreciated. Wish to offer some support? To donate, please click here.


We are a very small ministry on a BIG mission. Aside from the 60-75 children participating in the Family Restoration Ministry, there are just as many in ETCLC’s Emergency Housing & Transitional Living programs that we are currently unable to serve. Please lift Faith Friends in prayer to grow and flourish through God’s grace and to His glory. Please pray for new volunteers and donors to come forward to serve in our endeavors. More importantly, please pray for the children and their families to follow God’s pathway from despair towards hope and a bright future. Although blessed with food, shelter, spiritual guidance and practical assistance, conditions at the center fail to compare with what every family in God’s kingdom truly deserves - a safe, comfortable and stable home of their own.

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