Fishing Fun and Bible Lessons? Hook me up!

Come meet old fishin' buddies for the first time. Cast a line out to big lipped wonders that swim by, bite your offering, yank your rod tip, bend your pole into the shape of a McD's golden arch and gets you dancing the fisherman's shuffle! Partake in a skit, or story that teaches relevant life lessons through the gospel. And discover your very own personal relationship with Jesus!

Shoreline Adventures, register here.

Deep Sea Adventures, contact us at: [email protected]  (Reference: 22:6 Youth Fishing Deep Sea Adventure Reservation)

Children must be accompanied by a parent, or by a legal guardian. If you, a parent or legal guardian, are not able to accompany your child during our event(s), complete and present the following forms at registration sign-in for your child to participate. 

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