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22:6 Youth Fishing


Welcome Fishin' Family!

Cool sea breezes guide you to a quaint shoreline fishing oasis nestled against shimmering blue ocean waters. Warm rays of hospitality emanate from happy hearted fishing uncles and aunties, tios y tias, waiting to greet you with open arms and baited rods ready for you to cast out and catch the big ones. (Who knows, they may even already have a hook-up for you to reel in as soon as you arrive!) 

You went on a little hike to get to our fishing camp. Or perhaps you worked up a big sweat running from rod-to-rod, up and down the beach, hooking up on fish. No worries. Ice cold drinks and light tasty treats will bring you back into fish catching shape. 

And if you’ve never been fishing before, or your skills have gotten rusty, it’s okay. We’ll school you and have you fishing like a pro in no time. (Well may be not like a pro, but at least to where you might want to try out your new found expertise on a half-day Deep Sea fishing adventure!)

We’ll breakaway from fishing for a bit and fellowship as a fishin’ family in Christ—honoring our Heavenly Father with praise and prayer; learn relevant life lessons, and encourage each other in our personal relationship with Jesus through the gospel. 

Then it’s a mad dash back to the rods for more fishing, and other fun activities as we continue to enjoying our time together.

Fishing tip #23:
The big catches will keep getting bigger every time you tell your story. (The ones that got away will keep getting bigger too.)

Want more fishing tips? Come join the fun!

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