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Hiking with SPF is a ministry to appreciate what the Lord has designed right here in San Diego. This ministry is meant for Christians and non Christians who are not only looking for a physical challenge but something greater themselves. 

Our Purpose

The Hiking ministries purpose is to be in direct contact with God’s creation while also taking care of his temple. 

S – Spiritual: 2 Timothy 2:15 “Rightly dividing the word of truth…” Spending time on each hike in the word while surrounded by God’s glory!

P - Physical: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 "You should know that Your Body is a Temple for the Holy Spirit who is in you. You have received the Holy Spirit from God. So you do not belong to Yourselves, because you were bought by God for a price. So honor God with your Bodies." TAKE CARE if it!!

- Fellowship: Romans 15:24 "For I hope to see you on my journey, and to be helped on my way there by you, if first I may enjoy your company for a while." This ministry creates fellowship among brothers and sisters to encourage one another.

The Hiking Ministry admires God's Outdoor beauty with all different levels of hiking. We hike on different days and times, depending on weather, difficulty and distance. Please check the website for updates and hiking places and times. If you have any further questions please email the hiking ministry! Look forward to seeing your level of SPF!! 

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