FAQ for the Hiking Ministry

1. What level of fitness do you need to be to hike?

  • Hikes are for every level of fitness. Make sure to pay attention to what difficulty. Moderate is a good start for all levels of fitness.

2. What should you bring?

  • Moisture Wick Clothing ie: shirt, shorts, socks, underwear etc.
  • Hiking Shoes; ankle support, breathing, "get dirty." 
  • Hat or Sunglasses
  • H20 or electrolyte drinks
  • Energy bars/gu/energy gel/blocks or snacks.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Camera - Although there will always be one there.

3. Do I need experience? Not required! Start with an easy or moderate trip, if you can walk you can handle the easy trips. 

4. Can I bring my kids/dogs? YES! But it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that whatever the hike is that it is dog-friendly. And it is Your responsibility that your dog is people friendly.

5. Can I bring "non-christian" friends? Absolutely encouraged. Mutual respect of all beliefs is required :)

We highly encourage everyone to join our hikes, fellowship, and study time.

6. Where can I get hiking gear? REI, Adventure 16 are the best and have knowledgeable sales people. WalMart, Target, Big 5 are also possibilities

7. Where do you go? All over San Diego county for local trips. All over southern California for longer trips.

8. Can I provide hiking location suggestions??I sure hope so!! The more suggestions the BETTER!

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