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IronMen Disciple's Path Ministries 'MAP' & "Next Step" will start their new season for the class of 2020 on September 14, 2019. There will be an Oreintation at the Rock Church 2277 Rosecrans Street  Point Loma, in the cafeteria @ 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. The orientation session will be for both ministries, 'MAP' & "Next Step". Each of the 5 Rock Church Campus locations will be having the IronMen Disciple's Path 'MAP' available for the  next season, Class of 2020. The IronMen Disciple's Path "Next Step" will be available for the Class of 2020 at 3 of the Rock Church Campus locations, Point Loma, San Marcus and East County.  

So come check us out as you are invited to visit the MAP or Next Step anytime. They always meet twice a month on Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM. Each session begins by joining with the other men's ministries on Tuesday night to worship together. Check with your MOTR Campus Director for which Tuesday the IronMen Disciple's Path meet at your Campus. Registration for the Class of 2020 will begin on July 2, 2019.

Both the IronMen Disciple's Path 'MAP'  & "Next Step" are year long disciple ministries that will require a weekly average commitment of assigned God time or homework. Each ministry has study materials consisting of a Bible, a student workbook, reading materials, text books, weekly verse memorization, journaling and accountability partner. You will also be part of periodic group outings with group members. Upon successful completion graduate's and invited guest meet at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Restaurant to share in celebration of the one year achievement as each student will receive; Certificate of Completion.

The registration cost for the one year I.M.D.P. “Map” course for the class of 2020 is $200.00. You may register below with a $100 deposit. The registration cost for the one year I.M.D.P. “Next Step,” course for the class of 2020 is $600.00. You may register below with a $100 deposit. You can start your registration process  by signing up for our next season right now. You will need to start with a minimum deposit of $100.00 to be guaranteed a spot. 

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