(F.M.O.) - Overcoming Sexual/Porn Addiction

Do you want help in being set free from the chains that bind you in sexual sin?  

You are not alone!  FMO wants you first to know this: all men struggle with the lust of the flesh. For Men Only (FMO) is a Ministry for any man who finds himself in a struggle with living a "pure life."  Men are finding victory through Fellowship, Accountability, and Transparency.  FMO is a refuge and a safe place for all men to come as they are!  If you're tired of trying to win the battle on your own and are ready to break free, check out FMO.  You're not alone as the lie's of darkness will tell you! In truth know there are brothers in Christ ready to come alongside you, pointing you into the light and power of the Holy Spirit who will help you overcome and set you free.

M.O.T.R. FMO Ministry Coordinator: Jason Everett l 858-242-9391 l [email protected] 

Point Loma Campus: 2277 Rosecrans San Diego, CA 92106

  • Tuesday Session: (Second Floor) 6:30PM in Room 232 All Men's Worship & 7-9PM in Rm 225 FMO Session  
  • Tuesday Leader:   TBA Meantime Contact: Jason Everett l 858-242-9391 l [email protected] 
  • Wednesday Session: (Third Floor) 7-9PM in High School Room FMO Session
  • Wednesday Leader:   TBA Meantime Contact: Jason Everett l 858-242-9391 l [email protected]

San Ysidro Off-Site: Ministry Center 1157 Tierra Del Rey, Suite G, Chula Vista, CA 91910 (just past the Regal Cinemas)

  • Tuesday Session: 6:30PM Community Room All Men's Worship & 7- 8:30 PM FMO Session 
  • Tuesday Leader: Russ Shaver l 619-653-7278 l Email: [email protected]@gmail.com 

San Marcos Campus: 1370 West San Marcos Blvd. San Marcos, CA 92078

  • Tuesday Session: 06:30PM Community Room All Men's Worship & 7-9PM FMO Session
  • Tuesday Leader: Steve Reese l (619) 251-7977 l E-mail: [email protected]

East County Campus: 808 Jackman Street El Cajon, CA 92020

  • Monday Session: 7-9PM in Hospitality Room FMO Session
  • Monday Leader: Gabe Harris l 619-985-3750 l E-mail: [email protected]
  • Tuesday Session: 6:30PM in Main Sanctuary All Men's Worship & 7-9PM in Hospitality Room FMO Session
  • Tuesday Leader:  Thomas Southward l 619-727-1653 l E-mail: [email protected]

City Heights Campus: 4001 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, Ca. 92154

  • Tuesday Session: 06:30PM in Main Sanctuary All Men's Worship & 7-9PM FMO Session
  • Tuesday Leader: George Alfaro l 619-864-3189 l E-mail: [email protected]

NEW MEN wanting to get connected - CONQUER SERIES 

“How can I stop today?”
Often when men are searching for ways to stop their online temptations, they ask that question. The funny thing is when you offer simple solutions, these same men often don’t want to accept those solutions. The majority of the time, men want to clean up their lives without wanting to clear out the junk. The reality is, if you “want” to make a change, you must be intentional by taking a first step in making those changes. It will never just happen!

Action is required.
FMO Ministry will start by offering you some simple actions to help “clear out the junk.” But first, find a Gatekeeper (GK) and tell him or her (wife) you’re taking these steps. This way, they can hold you accountable in completing them. Without the GK, these steps will be almost useless.

  • Take an inventory of all your Internet-capable devices.
  • Download filter software: K9
  • Download accountability software: Covenant Eyes or X3watch
  • Remove social media apps (if they tempt you).
  • Have GK password protect your devices (You don’t get the password).
  • Have GK set restrictions on all your devices. Recommend under 12yrs old.
  • Have GK block downloading/deleting Apps. If your phone or device doesn’t do this, download an App Lock for your device.
  • Have GK set age restrictions on your cable box and any other ways of accessing visual media.

Some of you may think this is extreme. However, sexually provocative images and content are available via all the above media. These images are doorways of temptation. If you want to make a change for purity, then you must start by removing the temptations.

Yes, you will lose some clean websites. You will have limited website access. However, you will spend less time on the internet. Don’t see this as a negative. See it as an opportunity to connect elsewhere. Connect with God, your spouse, children, and friends that would otherwise miss out on time with you.

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