(M.E.W.) Overcoming Drug/Alcohol Dependency

The Most Excellent Way is a Christian solution to chemical dependency:  "Becoming God-Dependent!" 

The Most Excellent Way is a victory group that absolutely believes that the solution to addiction is becoming God-dependent. We absolutely believe that Christ sets people free, and we strive to help each other walk in His freedom.

“The Most Excellent Way’s” mission:  to find the lost sheep who are wandering aimlessly through their lives in bondage to chemical addiction and life-dominating habits, and to bring them and their families into the fold. “The Most Excellent Way” is to help reach the multitude of lost sheep for Jesus’ sake.


Click the link below to connect with the Most Excellent Way Men's groups currently available at Rock Church. We look forward to hearing from you and walking alongside you in this journey to freedom. 

There is a way out of the bondage and destructive power of these addictions! It is a one-step ministry: JESUS CHRIST!

Most excellent way men's groups currently meeting at rock church                

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