Riding Etiquette and Safety

1 - If you are new to group riding, start in the lowest group at the back of the pack just ahead of the sweep-rider. Work forward according to your comfort level.

2 - Ride at less than 70% of your ability and don't try to keep up with others. The sweep-rider has graciously volunteered to be slower than the slowest rider and will always follow you patiently. Always report to the sweeper when joining or leaving the group because they are responsible for accounting for all riders.

3 - In traffic situations, two bikes make one vehicle in a staggered formation (lead on the front left, trail on the rear right). The trailing rider should yield to the lead and maintain a following distance that allows for evasive maneuvers. When negotiating turns in the road, all bikes should be single file and following distance should be increased by several seconds.

4 - The trailing rider should never pass the lead rider. Side-by-side formation should only be used when stopped.

5 - All passing should be done as if driving an automobile; on the left, one at a time, and in a separate lane. Passing a rider in the same lane should only be performed after first being acknowledged (waved by) by the rider being passed. In turn, keep an eye out for faster riders behind you and wave them past you when appropriate.

6 - Do not fixate on the rider in front of you, nor on obstacles in the road. Instead, focus on the road ahead and on a safe path around the obstacle. The rider ahead of you may have just made a bad judgment and following their path may be catastrophic.

7 - Use blinkers and hand signals. Familiarize yourself with the commonly used signals of the group.

102_1994_1.JPG8 - Always conduct a pre-ride Safety Inspection on your bike and review the route/carry a map. Take care of fluid needs at appropriate stops (bathroom, drinks, fuel). Program I.C.E. into your cell phone (in case of emergency contact number) In case something happens so the group knows who to call. Invest in a roadside assistance coverage (AutoClub or similar) in case your bike should break down.

9 - On  lane-changes, let the sweep rider get over first then starting in the back the rest of the group move over in order till the lead has changed lanes.

10 - Dress for the fall, not ride! Remember scratches on a gear beats road rash on the skin.

11 - Have a fun and safe ride. We want everyone to make it to the final destination and on many more rides!

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