The Process

The process for joining the team

We are excited you are considering using your gifts for God's kingdom and our church. We believe in equipping everyone who serves in ministry, below is what you can expect once you decide you are ready to get in the game.

1. Fill out the online Application (here)

2. After the application is received, it is reviewed and followed up for some specific information like: Are you a vocalist? What voice do you sing, Tenor? Alto? Are you a musician? What instrument do you play? Etc,..

3. After we have the needed information our team follows up with you to arrange and schedule an audition. ( We just want to have a clear evaluation of how you use your gift and your level of skill- you will be informed on how to do this)

4. After the audition, you are placed into our training- (This includes a few teaching classes and some online content)

5. Once a singer or musician has passed their foundational training, has had some time to prepare and get familiar with the process of rehearsals and weekly services, they begin platform training and scheduling with the help of mentor coaches. We are here to support and equip you for ministry.

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