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One of Christ's more urgent topics was man's relationship to money. Why? Money is one of the great oppressors. A biblical perspective promises to set us free of its power. You're invited to take advantage of the resources found on these pages and experience the joy of submitting your finances to God.

Videos & Stories

Tithing in Faith
Three stories of people who brought their first and best to God. Hear how He blessed their step of faith!
In a bad economy, the Macias family chose to tithe. God blessed them beyond imagination.
The Joy of Giving
Larry and Helene found joy in supporting Rock Church East County. Hear how God surprised them.
God's Faithfulness
Find out how God is using Tom and Myra's past to help people today. Read more »
Called to Give
Some feel tithing is a suggestion. John and Carolyn consider it a calling.
Debt No More
Kelli found out that God alone, not money or material things, is her security. Read more »

Rock Financial Life

A Bible-based ministry that will give you all the information you need to live debt-free and manage your finances in a way that meets your needs and honors God.
  • Classroom Offerings
  • Small Group Financial Studies
  • Individual budget Coaching
  • Financial Seminars
Blessed - a stewardship message series by Miles McPherson