Stories from the Last 20 Years

by Rock Church | March 11, 2020

We asked members of Rock Church to submit their testimonies about how God has positively impacted their lives through the Rock and/or Pastor Miles. Here are more of those responses:

Since coming to the Rock, what used to be biblical information has turned into transformation through the Word delivered by Pastor Miles and the Holy Spirit! I was afraid to preach the gospel in fear of what others might think. By nature, I am somewhat introverted, yet through the power of Jesus in me, I am bold in Christ. I’ll share a story about a man that I met a couple of months ago who was homeless. The Holy Spirit tapped on my shoulder; I followed His calling and reached out to the homeless man. Not by my own power, yet through the power of Jesus flowing through me, I prayed and brought this man to tears. He later shared with me that he thought about killing himself earlier that day, and I had given him hope. Days later, I found Jim (the homeless man) at the footsteps of a nearby church where he had taken temporary shelter. He told me that he started going back to church again and that he had a renewed hope and purpose! I am nothing without Jesus in my life, and through the teachings at the Rock, I am bold beyond my wildest dreams, yet I know that it’s not me, it’s Jesus living in me!  -Jeff, attending for 2.5 years

I volunteer with the Rock Safety Ministry group on Sundays; both my wife and I have been attending the Rock since 2008. Recently, however, my wife passed away in December 2017, so it's just been God and me. My story is all about HOPE and not giving up. I would like to start by saying Thank You to God for bringing me this far to share my story. I have been through 3 near-death experiences where God could have taken me out of this world but didn't.  In 2009, I came down with the H1N1 virus; it was my wife's expression on her face that I knew I was in bad shape. She took my hand in hers and prayed half the night. The next day I woke up and was completely healed. In 2012, I was involved in what should have been a fatal head-on car crash. A 17-year-old kid ran a red light. When I saw him come across the middle of the intersection I thought, I'm going to die. I walked away with no injuries. The woman that helped me out of my car that day was an off duty firefighter/paramedic in training and was 14 weeks pregnant. She came to know Jesus that day through our experience. In 2013, I had a massive seizure and had sustained damage to my spine to the point where I could not walk. Doctors told me that I would most likely never walk again. I'm alive and well today. I know NOW without a doubt just how much God loves us. Jeremiah 29:11 For I Know The Plans I Have For You Declares The Lord, Plans To Prosper You, To Give You Hope and A Future, Not to Harm You. - Robert, attending for 12 years

I had been living in Vegas for the last ten years when I kept hearing God's voice tell me its time to move back home to San Diego. Moving back home was the last thing I wanted; however, it wasn't long after, that I had lost my car and my landlord decided to put the condo I was living in on the market. It was then that I heard God loud and clear, so I packed up moved back home. I settled back in San Diego, got a new car, and started working at a school that I just wasn't happy to be working at. I finished my remaining school year and applied at the Rock Academy, shortly after I was offered a position to teach in the Early Education Center. Now, not only do I get to worship and attend at the Rock, I serve at Sisters on Wednesday nights, and I am coming up on my second year serving on the Prayer Team for the Women's Retreat. I have met some amazing people here at the Rock, and everyday I get to be used by God to teach my students about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As much as I did not want to move back home, the way God has been moving in my life throughout this process is nothing short of amazing, and I am so grateful for the Rock. Josephine, attending 1.5 years

I accepted the Lord when Pastor Miles was the night pastor at Horizon. I am currently 59 years old and cannot express the change by words the impact Rock Church has had in my life! I am blessed to be able to serve and grow in Christ at the Rock! Thank You Rock Family! -John, attending for 20 years

I spent the majority of my twenties addicted to drugs and severely depressed. During this time, I hated myself and I hated others. I ignored my family and was living a life I knew I didn't want to live. I tried on multiple occasions to take my life but was stopped. In October 2017, a series called Kingdom Warrior was done and that's when everything finally began to connect. I felt a burden begin to lift and that maybe I was intended for more and that the hardships I went through were the plan to get the Kingdom Warrior inside, out of me. I started to accelerate more, reading the Bible more, practicing forgiveness, eating better, working out, treating others nicer and my spirit became more powerful. I became a real follower and finally, in 2019 I fully committed 100% of my being to God. I spent an entire night praying and dishing everything out saying, "God, I release all my burdens, bitterness, hatred, anger, and resentment to you." I felt the Holy Spirit flow into me and wash me of all these emotions. Now, I've become a personal trainer, I love everything, I smile more, and have uncovered my true purpose in help others. It is my mission to help every soul I come across and be a light in the face of darkness and realize they have something deep inside them. So from me to God, my brother, Pastor Miles, and the entire Rock family, all the way from across the country in South Florida....THANK YOU! - Kevin, attending for 3 years

A couple years back my family and I were homeless. Sleeping out of our vehicle or a hotel every night. My uncle (attending this church) took after what God said and opened his home to me. These last couple of years have completely remodeled the way I view life and myself. With my uncle putting me to work and Rock Church equipping me with the tools to take on the spiritual war with my decisions. All together these things have brought me to who I am today. - Joshua, attending for 4 years

Rock Church opened in East county on my 61st birthday and I was delighted to join a Do Something church. After 4 years of prayer and searching throughout my community, I founded the Faith Friends Children's Outreach Ministry. It has become my life's mission to serve children residing at a local homeless shelter. Now that I have finally discovered God's purpose for this season of life, my heart is filled with JOY. Miles' messages never fail to inspire me! His advice about 'how to pray' has been especially valuable. Thank you Miles and all the wonderful staff who make the Rock such a blessing to all of us! - Sudan, attending for 7 years

I met Pastor Miles when I was 15 years old and began attending the first day it opened. My life and ability to stand in the midst of cancer has been due to the various series Pastor Miles has taught. I have been collecting lesson plans for 20 years; there are hundreds of them and each lesson has helped me grow closer to the Lord and strengthens me to walk courageously through a terrible sickness. I have received so much support from the staff, volunteers, and other members of the church. The Rock has taught me how to love my community, to stand in the midst of great pain and adversity, and to use the same comfort God has given me to help others with cancer. The Word preached in church draws me closer to the Word out of church, the love and support from volunteers and staff help me know that I am not alone, and the other members of Rock Church are like family to me. -Tamela, attending for 20 years

The Rock has been a blessing in my entire family’s lives. When we first started coming to the Rock, my husband, who was my fiancé at the time, was going through a deep depression. The Rock showed him how to connect deeper with God, and he has since then been free of depression. My husband and I have also suffered from infertility and with the prayers Pastor Miles has been praying over the church, we are finally expecting after years of trying! - Destinee, attending for 3 years

I was baptized after going to Rock Church for about a year. My fiancé and I still go to church and have strengthened our recovery from drugs and alcohol because of our faith. We each have 2.5 years sober and a big part of that is from our belief in God and our attendance at Rock church. -Elizabeth, attending for 3 years 


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