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7 Questions With Micah Whitley | Music Director

by Dave Franco |

Where are you from?
San Diego.

Are you married/have children?
My wife is Desdemona and we have four kids; Micah Jr., David, James and Angela.

Do you come from a musical household?
Oh, yeah. My mom and dad met singing gospel and our house was so filled with it at all times, it was just a part of what we did. It wasn’t as if we decided to sing. We were always singing.

So you performed?
We formed a group called the Whitley’s and performed at different churches and events.

How old were you?
Five. I rocked the harmonies.

That started a career in music, right?
Yes. I wrote and produced for different acts and scored video games and TV shows. That was before God. In a series of events, God brought me to work in His service, and then ultimately to the Rock.

Why is music so important in church?
Music helps us to facilitate worship as one united body. When we worship God, we acknowledge Him for who/what He is: exalted, holy, honored, revered; this disallows us from making Him common.


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