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The New Office...A Little Closer
By Nick Turrietta
Jeff Tysor about ready to crunch some big accounting numbers
Jeff Tysor about ready to crunch some big accounting numbers

On April 30, the Rock closed a chapter on its history and started a new beginning. Having spent the last year and a half in University City, the Rock moved its daily operations to Point Loma, just two blocks away from the new Rock Church and Training Center.

There are many logical reasons for the move. One of them being the opportunity to lay the foundation for the big things God has planned through the church.

Liberty Station

It's exciting being in such a new and growing community. And though the plans for Liberty Station are incredible, even more exciting are the great things God will be doing in and through both us and the new building.

The new office is the fourth office location the Rock has functioned in its first four years of existence. It is anticipated that the new location will be the last interim site before the new church is completed.

The Point Loma office is approximately 10,000 square feet and includes three meeting rooms, two reception areas, spacious office rooms for the pastors, and accommodating cubicles for the rest of the staff.

The Liberty Station area is a nice change of page. It's a beautiful neighborhood with warm weather, plenty of restaurants, and best of all from this writer's point of view a 46 acre bay front park opening early next year. Take a look at all that's planned for Liberty Station at

What the Staff Says

Valerie Kurtz dreaming about a nice vacation on a secluded island
Valerie Kurtz dreaming about a nice vacation on a secluded island

The staff is stoked about the new location and about all of the opportunities it provides.

Lindsey Isham, the Care and Concern Coordinator says, "It's great. I'm excited for the park to be built so I can rollerblade… I like taking walks during lunch and praying for the High Tech High Students."

Pastor Tommy Moseley adds that he "eagerly anticipates being able to drive by our new building and watch God change things on a daily basis."

Small group assistant, Leslie Warrem jubilantly declares, "I'm only three miles from work, woo-hoo!"

Helping Out

We, the staff, appreciate all of your prayers and support and welcome you to drop by and look around. Be sure at least to catch a glimpse of the new church building. It's too big to desribe in words.

And for those with some free time on their hands, there are always miscellaneous things to do around the office. If you'd like to help out, even if only for the summer, complete the volunteer application * and mail, fax, our drop it off at the office.


* You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this document.