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From the Rock to the World... Altar Call Ministry

by Laura Filbert | November 6, 2004

Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works. Hebrews 10:24

Every day God gives us opportunities to create meaningful moments where we can reach out and comfort others--close friends, relatives, or complete strangers.

When was the last time you comforted someone? Having the burden is one thing. Actually acting on that burden is something else. John 12:8 says there will always be people who are hurting and who need help and encouragement. Don't just wait for others to seek you out; rather seek them out. Pray for, look for, and act on opportunities to comfort others. If you don't, who will?

Comfort in and at the Rock

Praying after a large altar call on Easter Sunday
Praying after a large altar call on Easter Sunday

On average, every Sunday at the Rock about 10 people come forward and accept Christ as their Savior, while another 40 or so come forward to rededicate their lives. Compared to the average church, this is pretty amazing. Dedicated teams of altar call workers are always there to meet and pray with each person and to assure that they understand the important decision they've made.

God is clearly using Pastor Miles and the Rock Church as a powerful evangelistic force and as a vehicle to share the gospel with thousands each week. Those that come forward in response to one of Pastor Miles’ dynamic messages are just a fraction of the people that need comforting. The altar call ministers stand in the gap as prayer warriors for both those that come forward and those still unsaved.

There are various ways that the Altar Call Ministry helps fulfill the Rock's mission to save the lost, equip the saved, and send out soul winners. For example, the members of the ministry...

  • Give guidance to those who receive Christ at the altar
  • Support those who want to rededicate or strengthen their walk with the Lord
  • Pray for those who come forward for prayer
  • Equip others by presenting opportunities for them to grow in their faith
  • Empower those in the ministry to grow in Christ
  • Help those in the ministry understand what they believe, and how they can most effectively help others
  • Encourage those who have matured in the ministry to step out as soul winners;
  • Become leaders who train others to be altar call/prayer ministers.

The History of the Ministry

Since day one, the Altar Call Ministry has been a vital part of the Rock. Former Rock pastor, John Hilton, helped start and lead the ministy in it's infancy.

When Suzanne Lederer stepped in as Prayer Coordinator a year later, she worked closely with altar call and prayer team leaders to solidy the ministry's structure. Together Suzanne and the other leaders have developed strong guidelines and procedures for ministering to those who need Christ and those needing strength in their Christian walk.

The Chance to See Miracles

The Altar Call Ministry doesn't just operater within the Rock. It also equips its members to go into the world to explain Jesus Christ and the free gift of salvation. Altar Call ministers explain what they really believe in order to bring the message of hope and eternal life to others.

One of the most amazing things about being a part of this ministry is that you see a lot of miracles. You see God move, and you experience a lot of supernatural blessings. Suzanne Lederer says, "A lot of times you’ll notice someone at church you don’t even know and God will put it on your heart to pray for that person during service. Then the next thing you know, they’ll be standing up to go up for altar call."

If Everyone Was a Force for God

The Altar Call team praying together before a Sunday service
The Altar Call team praying together before a Sunday service

Ironically, the vision for the Altar Call is to one day not be needed at all. In its place would be a church filled with active and aware prayer participants who would minister to each other.

Imagine the day when you walk into the Rock Church and a stranger sitting next to you asks how they can pray for you. Or, imagine that when new believers stand up to accept Christ everyone close by lays their hands on them in encouragement, prayer, and support. There would be no need to go to the front to be ministered to in this way. Every member would truly be a minister and powerful force for God.

Altar Call is Beyond Altar Call

Taking the first step to join this ministry might be the hardest part. It’s easy to allow your flesh to refuse to be used by God because of fear: fear that you don’t think you’re ready, fear that you’re not good enough, or fear that you don’t know enough.

Suzanne Lederer encourages us to remember that “The disciples were ordinary men, but they were available. If you are available and you want to grow, God will use you.” When we face a situation that creates fear in our hearts, we need to remind ourselves of the greatness of God and pray that He will grant us courage to overcome our fear.

How Do I Get Involved?

God speaks through His people, and He wants to speak through you. If you are ready to encourage and pray for others, and desire to grow in your walk, then this just might be the ministry for you. Pray and seek God’s will. Ask Him if He can use you to minister to others as a member of the Altar Call Ministry.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Altar Call Ministry, contact [email protected]. We will respond back and coordinate a three-hour training session for you. When you have successfully completed your training, you will observe three altar call and prayer sessions after which you are then eligible to join a service.

And if you need prayer or want to accept Christ into your life, come forward during the next Sunday altar. The members of the Altar Call Ministry will be glad you did.


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