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8 Questions with Amy Nantkes, North County Rock Kids Director
By Dave Franco

How many little ones do you have at home?
My husband André and I have three boys! Cayden, 10, Maddox, 3, Xavier, 2. Let's just say there's a lot of baseball stuff and racing cars in our house. And coffee for mom.

And you still signed up to be the North County Rock Kids Director?
Yep! It is so cool to get to know the families of North County. There is something really special about what God is doing at our campus!

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
Seeing our volunteer leaders pour their hearts into teaching kids God's Word is ridiculously gratifying. Helping them use their God-given gifts to reach their full potential in ministry is the best gift. Also, watching our families enjoy the Sunday ministry and special events we put together for them. It's so cool to see memories made together at church!

What is the most difficult aspect of your job?
It often seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day. Does anyone else feel like that?

How has the children's ministry grown at the North County campus?
Since we moved into the current location, we've gone from 26 To 235 last Sunday!

Have any standout moments you'd like to share?
At the end of our first Camp Rock North County, we tallied the number of kids that had received Jesus and it was 15! Every ounce of slime mixed, snack prepared, glow stick snapped, craft crafted & Bible lesson taught culminated in that sweet moment of seeing the fruit of our labor.

When a little one receives Jesus into their heart, what aspect of the Gospel are they reacting to?
It’s the same as for adults: God uses our experiences to reach our heart. Some kids have had a super tough existence right out of the gate. Other kids have been blessed with a fairly simple childhood. You never know until you sit and listen. When you hear their stories, you can help kids see that God wants to redeem what the enemy means for evil and protect them as they grow. Kids aren't the future church. They are the church right now. God cares as much for saving them as he cares for saving an adult. When a kid accepts Jesus we CELEBRATE!

Considering most Christians receive Christ before the age of 15, do you feel any added pressure?
Pressure, no. Honor, yes. We talk weekly with our Rock Kids leaders about the tremendous blessing it is that God has called us into children's ministry. Many of our leaders were saved as kids and will tell you that church was a safe haven for them in their formative years. We want kids to know that church is a fun, safe place to explore their faith in Jesus and work hard to make Rock Kids the best environment possible. Andy Stanley summed it up best in his book Deep and Wide, "Like it or not, we are the stewards of the church for our generation. More daunting than that is the fact that we determine what comes to mind for the next generation when they hear the term church."

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