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Get to know your Worship Leader: Andre Hudson

by Harriet Guda | September 21, 2017

Storytelling team member, Harriet, sat down with Andre Hudson, Rock Church East County Worship Leader for a little chat! She wanted to know a little more about him and why he is looking forward to our next global Night of Worship! Read more below to get to know Andre!

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in San Diego. But, because my dad was a teacher for the U.S. Government, we moved around. When I was 7 years old, we moved to South Korea, then we moved to Sicily. I graduated from High School in Spain and then we moved back to the states where I went to college in Nebraska.

Did you grow up as a Christian? 

In High School, I went to church because my parents were musicians in the church with dad playing bass guitar and my mom being a pianist. But, I didn't have a solid foundation. I never differentiated between the different religions out there and thought that they were all good. 

It I was when I was about 27 years old when I actually felt the calling to serve and started playing guitar. I then joined the Rock Church Worship Team.

What does Worship mean to you?

It's that "A-ha" moment as you respond to who God is. We don't do it to benefit ourselves. We do it to have an encounter with God.

Do you lead people to become a leader in worship?

At East County, some people are led to become a worship leader, who would be leading the band and some are led to be a co-worship leader, who would sing a song. We pour into people who are ready to step out of their gifting.

Would you explain the importance of joining an rGroup?

When we talk to people at church, we notice what your status is. If you're in a group, you have community and personal conversations. You don't want to make church the point. You want to make Jesus the point through R Groups with accountability. Jesus had 12 disciples He was accountable to. 

Speaking of accountability and discipleship, what would you say about it and mentorship?

There is a miss with mentorship. We could use technology to our advantage. When we drive for hours on the freeway every day, we can listen to podcasts and lots of messages. A mentor can even be someone you may not know. But, you get a lot from what they teach.

Do you have a worship singer who inspires you?

I have different singers who I get inspired by for different seasons. Right now, one would be Donnie McClurkin. I once saw him in concert at the San Diego County Fair and he was so transparent, sharing the gospel and his testimony as he sang. It didn't feel like a concert because he was so personal. Another one would be a local San Diego worship lead named Andrew Hopkins. He is younger than me. But a great mentor.

What do you hope your legacy to be?

I would like to be remembered as someone who helped people become free from the works of the devil and living in bondage. Through the lens of eternity, God can use your tragedy to bring Him praise. My wife and I can speak to this as we serve together in ministry and it's all that we want to do. You know, it doesn't matter how old you are or how long you have been a Christian, when running the race. What matters is how you finish the race.

Night of Worship is on Friday, October 13th. Why should people go? 

If you didn't go to "Floodgate",  you need to go and go with expectancy! If you want to see God do something, go and be prepared for God to bring His Kingdom!

⚡️Lightning Round⚡️

Morning or Night? 

Night time. The world kind of stops and I have time and space to myself.

Ocean or Mountains? 

Ocean. I just went jet skiing recently!

Action or Comedy? 

Action. My recent favorite would be "The Avengers".

Italian or Mexican Food? 

Italian Food!

When you have a Sunday off, what do you do? 

We visit another church as it's good to get a fresh perspective.


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