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At The Cross
By Maria Wyndon

A few weeks ago, I felt an unusual spirit of heaviness come upon me. I was weak and restless, with a heavy burden. I just could not move that day. Our current Bible study is on spiritual warfare. There are many people on my prayer list who are sick, tired, hurting, bereaved, betrayed, lost, in pain, and alone. Whenever there is intense study in this deep realm of spiritual warfare, the enemy finds you as a greater threat because of your faith and your prayers of hope because of the power of the blood of Jesus. Our study opens the door for the enemy to attack.

When my husband came home from work that day, he took one look at me, and said, "Get up and get dressed! We're taking a drive...and bring a heavy coat." Before I could contest, I was in the car on this secret journey. We drove for about a half hour, my ears popping, going obviously up a very high altitude mountain. Then we arrived. It was pitch black, windy, and bitter cold. I climbed the red brick stairs. . . still unaware of what I was about to see. A 49-foot, pure white majestic cross was in front of me. It was a Veterans Memorial for soldiers who died on the battlefield. But for me, it was a resurrection for my entire spirit.

I got on my knees and prayed. When I got up, the heaviness was gone.

The enemy of our faith hates the symbol of the cross! I share this testimony to remind you to take your burdens to the cross. It is also a reminder that Jesus is not still on the cross. He is risen! As we enter into Resurrection Sunday celebrations, let us remember why we celebrate this day. We celebrate to remember the blood and sacrifice of Him, our Lord Jesus. We should also remember all the brave soldiers who fought for us and the religious freedom we have.

It's time for you, too, to resurrect!! Get up, get out, shake off the burdens, the spirit of heaviness and cast it all on Him. He awaits your arrival. It's a Resurrection Journey!