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Back on Track: Mountain Bikes and David Bilodeau
By Rock Church

Life is a rocky road sometimes. David Bilodeau has faced quite a few bumps along the way.

Somehow God used the Rock Church's Mountain Bike Ministry (which he refers to as Rock MTB) to get David's life back on the right track. Listen to his testimony, beginning about five years ago:

"I was getting ready to go mountain biking with a friend when he called me saying he was not able to go that morning because he had been out drinking all night and was in to ride. Frustrated and disappointed, I told my wife that I needed to find new people to ride with. So I sat down at the computer and did a search for mountain biking groups in San Diego...I found the Rock MTB.

Although I was reluctant because they were a Christian group and I saw myself as doing just fine without God, my wife encouraged me to go. I continued to ride with the MTB group twice a month for a year, still never attending church or accepting the Lord.

On Good Friday, three years ago my wife asked me to go to church with her on Easter Sunday. She said if I was going to continue riding with the Rock MTB group maybe I might want to see what the church was like. I attended Easter service 2005. It was the first time I had been to church in 30 years!

Something wonderful happened that day, I stood up for the Alter Call and accepted Jesus into my life.

A lot has happened since that day. Both of our children have accepted Christ. My daughter serves as a leader in the Children's Ministry and my wife serves in Pebbles. I am currently serving in two ministries. My wife and I were able to go to Jamaica last year on our first missionary trip. It was truly a blessing and changed both of our lives.

Recently while driving, I looked up at the hill which was my first ride with the Rock MTB, and my wife said, "Did you ever in your wildest dreams think you would be doing the things in your life that you have done since accepting God?"

It was at that time I realized how God's plan that day was so perfect and an unbelievable blessing to all our lives, and it was all able to happen because of a group of "Mountain Bike Missionaries" named the Rock Mountain Bike Ministry.

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