by Vittoria Allen | August 28, 2017

Tony Hernandez is a graduate of Rock School of Ministry. Throughout his time, he learned what it means to know God truly and know himself truly to find his true purpose and calling. This is his story.

Romans 12:4-6 “Just as our bodies have parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other. In his grace, God has given is different gifts for doing certain things well.”


Up until my experience at Rock School of Ministry, I didn’t know my part in the body of Christ. I was lost. I was saved, but I felt like a sheep with no shepherd. I had no sense of direction and wrestled with so many ideas about what my life should be and look like. The truth is, I had a shepherd I just wasn’t too familiar with his voice. I regularly attended my home church (Rock Church) on Sundays, and I served in the College Ministry. I was growing, but I was hungry for more. Some of my fellow ministry leaders and my College Pastor mentioned Rock School of Ministry, and I decided to attend the open house event to find out more. What I thought was a one-time visit turned into a 4-day visit. I heard my shepherd’s voice. This program was exactly what I was looking for and exactly where God wanted me to be.

Completing the program has been the best investment I’ve made in my life so far. One of the most powerful moments during my time was in Term 1. I took a class on the book of Ephesians and my identity in Christ was sowed into my heart. I never understood who I was in Christ so clearly. The Holy Spirit went to work that day! Once I realized who I was in Him, my approach on everything changed. I began to talk differently, walk differently, see myself, others, and God differently. My confidence was off the roof! I began to attempt things outside of school I never thought of doing! It gave me security I never had before. It empowered me to teach, preach, exhort, and encourage others! It was exactly what I needed! I was walking out my purpose and the way in which God wants to use me became more evident. It pushed me over in a sense, and it was a domino effect from there. Class after class, outreach after outreach, event after event, I was going from glory to glory to glory!

As believers we need to know who we are in Him. And as believers who claim to follow Jesus, we need to ask “where am I following Jesus to?” We need to adopt His mission and use the gifts He’s graced us with to complete that mission!

I believe there are people who may be in a similar situation that I was. You go to church on Sunday, you help out here and there, but there’s a strong desire to know God truly and more deeply. You may have no idea what you should be doing with your lives. You feel a need for direction and vision. I believe that truly knowing God and yourself will help you find your purpose and calling. Rock School of Ministry helped me grow in my understanding of God and myself.

I am eternally grateful for this season. I know it has set the foundation of what God wants to continue to build in my life and I hope you are encouraged to find your purpose in the Body of Christ too.


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