by Vittoria Allen | September 4, 2017

Jasmine has known that she wants to be a surgeon since childhood. She grew up in the church and recently, has come to understand how faithful God is to Himself, His Word, and His love for us. This is her story.

Hebrews 10:23 “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” He is faithful to Himself, His Word, and His love for us, and I have witnessed this in my own life, time and time again. 


My intention in life is to become a missionary surgeon.  Since childhood, I always knew I wanted to be a surgeon, and everything I did educationally was geared towards that desire. However, the mission’s part came much later. Growing up I knew who God was. We went to church almost every Sunday and my parents always encouraged us to pray in good times and in bad. From the outside looking in, you would’ve thought it was the perfect household, but God knows we had our issues. 

At a very young age, I became addicted to pornography. I was angry, bitter, depressed, violent, and suicidal, and 98% of the time I could hide it quite effectively.  But the grace and faithfulness of God kept me through the midst of it all.  As years passed, I felt the tug to draw closer to God, and in 2010 I made a move to Tulsa, Oklahoma where for the next five years God drew me into an intimate relationship with Him. In many situations, I had no other choice but to trust Him. I understood what it meant to trust Him as a Provider when He led me through a season of homelessness. I became aware of Him as my Comforter when I lost four close family members and friends in a matter of two months, and I was taught many lessons in humility and patience from jobs, housemates, and friends alike. And, through it all, God was faithful. 

Scripture tells us that as we draw near to God, He’ll draw near to us. And He did! While in Tulsa, God ignited my heart to help people through missions. I was privileged to go to both the Dominican Republic and South Africa during my time there. However, in March of last year, I was in a near tragic hit and run car accident that should have ended my life. But again, God was faithful, and His plans for me could not be stopped. So, I survived. Injured, but alive! Over the next nine months, I had to endure physical therapy, chiropractic appointments, and test after test, and finally foot surgery. And due to some unforeseen circumstances with my job, I was not able to receive any of my benefits and had to pay all medical bills out of pocket, eventually emptying every account and maxing out every card. But God sustained me and faithfully provided for me.

On December 26th, the day after Christmas as I prayed to God, I heard Him tell me “It’s time to learn the mission’s part of being a missionary surgeon.” I was then prompted to look for mission schools in San Diego and found Rock School of Ministry online. I saw the new term was starting on January 14 and how much it cost. I was still recovering from surgery and didn’t have one dollar to my name. But again, God was faithful, I filled out the application in faith, and in a matter of 2 ½ weeks, never having stepped foot in any part of California, not knowing anyone here, I was accepted into the school. God provided me with a first class flight here, and by the time I made it through the airport, provided a place to stay with one of the godliest, humble, and loving families I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. 

So, I made it to my 1st day of the program by the great faithfulness of God, and my mustard seed faith and obedience.  The term began, and God provided in so many ways and through so many people.

That 1st term He taught me about community and trust in both Him and in people, and what it meant to have healthy, godly relationships. Also in that term, I realized just how little I knew about the Word of God and myself. In term two my character was tested and tried, as I realized I didn’t understand true submission or authority. However, God matured me in that time both emotionally and spiritually, bringing me even closer to the people in my community who cried, comforted and laughed with me through some of the most difficult situations of my life.  I came into an understanding that term that without strong character, we cannot sustain our community.  In this 3rd and final term, my calling in Christ became all the more solidified.  In our missions classes, we were taught what it means to make disciples, and what it means to truly count the cost of suffering for the cause of Christ. As a missionary surgeon, I will not only be able to meet a very real, practical need, but I willingly lay aside comforts and life to make God known.  By no means have I “made it,” but I can honestly say I am not the same person I was when I first entered this building. I have been transformed in ways I could have never imagined, my mind has been renewed, I now walk in a freedom I didn’t know existed, and a confidence in God that only He could produce. I am continuously growing in so many ways, and I’ll continue to do so until God calls me home, but until that day comes, I’m committed to doing His will, whatever, wherever, and whenever He instructs.  And, my encouragement to you is to do the same!

Some of you know that you were created for something more. It’s something more than going to church every Sunday and doing a Bible Study here and there. You want to know God and make Him known, but you just don’t know how. You know He has called you to make a real change in the world; to bring hope to the hurt and the lost.  Well, it just takes a little bit of faith, and a bit of obedience.  I believe God is inviting many of you to join with Him in the profound work He is doing, and I hope you will join Him.


If you would like to learn more about Rock School of Ministry click here. 


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