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Dare to Shred
By Dave Franco

Ten years ago, when avid snowboarder Danny Leung was sitting in a theater watching a ski movie by Warren Miller, a feeling came over him that was more than just exhilaration at the great ski footage. Danny watched as the beautiful skiing was set against the Switchfoot song, Dare You to Move, and suddenly an idea was born. He had always wanted to start a ski/snowboard ministry for his church and it seemed like the song and footage said everything he felt about it. He wanted to name the ministry Dare to Shred, because he hoped the ministry would encourage attendees to boldly shred the commonly held belief that God and his church were boring.

“God didn’t come here to bore us into believing in Him,” Danny says. “Life with Jesus is better than the ultimate thrill. Want a hair-raising, X game-type experience in life? Give your heart to Jesus."

Today, Rock Church is the fortunate recipient of Danny finally stepping forward to lead a ministry. Beginners to highly experienced snowboarders and skiers are welcome to join. Contact Dare to Shred by visiting their page on at the link below.

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