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6 Questions with Dave Franco - Rock Church Stories Writer

by Rock Church |

Q: When did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?

A: As soon as I could put pen to paper. I would create characters and then follow them to see where they’d go.

Q: How did writing become a career for you?

A: I was 23 wondering what I’d do for my career. I saw a print ad and I thought, “Hey I can do that.” I ended up writing TV commercials in New York for many years.

Q: What made you think that writing could impact people?

A: When I moved to San Diego, an organization in New York asked me to write an ad to convince young girls to keep their babies. I thought how amazing that while I write in an office in SD, people 3,000 miles away might see what I was writing and lives could be saved.

Q: What’s the favorite part about your job?

A: Getting to experience a person’s life transformation with them. I’ve found their story doesn’t really exist until someone starts probing around. So for them, as well as me, it’s an adventure.

Q: Why is storytelling within the church important?

A: Stories get sealed in people’s souls in a different way than other types of messages. Every story has a thread that is familiar to others - a circumstance or often a feeling that we can relate to.  That “remembrance” is what I’m after. Plus, we simply have to keep telling our stories of Christ’s love to each other. It’s how thousands of people can stay connected.

Q: How are you uniquely gifted to serve as a storyteller?

A: No matter how hard it is, I am not afraid to lead people to raw, dark and sensitive places. There are usually lots of tears—many of them mine.

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