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Deals, Decisions, and Destiny (novel excerpt)
By Krystal Yon

All day Zoe prepared for James’ big night. She’d done her hair to compliment the style of her dress. She was pampered for hours scrubbing, polishing, waxing, threading, and massaging every inch of her body until her already exceptional figure had been elevated even more. Zoe tried not to make such an issue of her physical appearance in the past. She felt very blessed to be so attractive but she was determined to let God’s light show much more brilliantly than that. As she applied her makeup, Zoe recited to herself: “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30. Thank you Lord that you look at my heart, the world may be judging me for what I look like but You are awesome because You gave me Your Spirit to make up the inside of me.”

Zoe called to her father as the time grew closer for them to leave. She sat at the end of her bed in baggy sweats with long curls flowing over her right shoulder. When her father came to her room, he sat next to her.

“Dad, we haven’t talked very much about my relationship with James.”

“You’re right baby. What do you want to talk about?”

“Well, I have known since before Alex and I broke up that he had not accepted Jesus into his life. But I started to catch feelings for him even though I tried my best not to. At the beginning I thought I would be a good influence on him and that it would be fine because I was so happy with Alex. But after all this time, I can’t stop thinking about him. He hasn’t let the Lord in his life and I know that I have to break whatever it is that we are doing off. We were compromised.”

Mr. Young tried not to let his feelings cause him to judge his daughter or say the wrong thing. He made every effort to be a godly example of the man that he wanted his daughter to marry. And now was no exception.

“Baby girl, you already know that we all fall short of God’s glory but we have also been justified by his grace through Jesus Christ. That means that He doesn’t count our sins against us. He knows your heart and the attempt you made to remain holy; and where you are now. I am sure you already asked His forgiveness. So what else do you want to talk about?”

“Daddy, I have to end it soon. I don’t want to ruin his night but I know this is it. How would you do it?”

“Zoe, be transparent, with him and with God. You will know when it’s the right time, just don’t flake out. The Holy Spirit will also tell you the right things to say, so listen very carefully to Him. If you still feel apprehensive, I will be praying for you and this situation. Let me know when you think it’s the right time and I will let you know if I am in agreement. I am sorry you have to go through this but I hope you know better for next time.”

Zoe’s father kissed her on the forehead and she continued to get ready. The dress she wore was of her own design. Her father put her in touch with a designer who spared no time in getting the dress made for the affair. It came out exactly how she saw it. Her shoes completed the look adding four more inches to her small stature. Once she had dressed, Zoe realized it was already thirty minutes into the gala. She felt like Cinderella as she hurried to meet her father in their town car.

Once the Young’s exited the vehicle they saw so many other guests waiting to get into the building. When they finally got close to the entrance they saw that the photographers were the hold up. Suddenly Zoe was much more impressed with James. They achieved their purpose of making each guest feel like a superstar. Zoe felt the same as they called out to her and bombarded her with flashes. She alone stayed on the red carpet for more than ten minutes. “I guess they like the dress.” Zoe smiled to herself.

Mr. Young led his daughter by the hand to their table. Just as she sat down there was another hand at the back of her chair. When she looked up and saw it was James, she was beaming.

“This is going to be a long night…”

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