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December Global Update
By Ali Kaun

At the beginning of December Impact 195 world changers headed to Ensenada, Mexico and the monsoon ravaged island of Luzon in the Philippines, bringing with them pervasive hope and the love of Jesus! In Mexico a team of seventeen are working on various construction projects and hosting community outreaches to share the message of the gospel with all who would come and listen.  In the Philippines, a team of twenty-three has led some 1100 souls to the Lord, mostly through outreaches in public schools! More public school and community outreaches are planned this December. Joining the i195 team there, was San Diego Christian artist, Trevor Davis and his wife, Heidi; they were serving as worship leaders while ministering in other ways with members of the team.

One of our Student Proof Projects also led one group of world changers to the Dominican Republic, where they are currently partnering with another ministry to help rescue children out of sex trafficking.

Twelve Rock Ambassadors serving long term in Haiti had a great month of teaching English (with the Bible as the English text), ministering to children in the local hospital, taking care of widows and orphans, and making and visiting new friends in the nearby mountains.

Teams of Rock Ambassadors in Africa were joined by a medical missions team visiting from the US, meeting the needs of villagers, tangibly expressing the love of Jesus, and granting our teams more favor as they labor to win souls.

Joining our two other Rock Ambassadors who have already been serving in the Philippines for the last year, are five more who will stay there for the duration of 2012.

Our team of Rock Ambassadors in Asia is also flourishing in the continued work of teaching english as a second language, making friends and opportunities to share the message of salvation with students and their parents.

For the Spring term of 2012, more short term trips have been planned to Turkey, Southern Mexico and India, with 3-6 more trips planned for the Summer and Fall terms. More Rock Ambassador teams will be heading out for long term assignments in Romania and Haiti in May.

*To meet our world changers or find out more about the Impact195 Program – join us for our open house week-long event. ROCK THE HOUSE. Free. Jan 10th – Jan 13th. 9am – 1pm and 5:30pm –9:30pm. All hours, any hour, all are welcome. Experience challenging teachings, with Miles, Mickey, George and more! Worship, fellowship and a free gourmet lunch or dinner each day of that week. All incoming 2012 students will receive an iPad2. 619.764.5249. 3247 Mission Village Drive, San Diego, CA 92123.