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No Stage Fright: The Youngest Production Crew Volunteer
By Robin Evans

Dillon Evans can’t wait to get to the Rock on Sunday mornings. Then on every Sunday night he shares stories about the day’s events. Since last summer Dillon, a 16-year-old sophomore at Coronado High School, has worked as an intern with the talented crew that produces the Rock’s worship services.

Dillon working in the sound booth during a Sunday service at the Rock Church.

He’s the one who flashes the lyrics on the screen during the worship. (He’s also my son.)

Volunteers aren’t always adults. As Dillon has proven, you can volunteer your time and talents to help the community while still pursuing your own personal goals, dreams, and interests.

For his family, it has been a blessing to watch Dillon grow spiritually through his volunteer work with the Rock production crew. It is a gift for a kid who has been passionate about show production since before he could walk.

We noticed a uniqueness about him when he was about 3 years old. He started inviting the family into his bedroom for shows. We were told to quietly sit cross-legged on the floor until the show began. Pre-show announcements were made with his microphone; the karaoke provided music; the actors (his stuffed animals) stared at each other as the show began; the spotlights and disco ball made his room sparkle as the curtain opened and the show began. He has been staging shows ever since.

"Sometimes I forget he is so young because his level of professionalism and overall ability reminds me of a seasoned veteran."

During the ministry fair in spring of 2008, Dillon was excited when he was told that he wasn’t too young to add his name to the Production Arts volunteer list. The following week, Trisha Correia, the coordinating producer, called Dillon to ask if he’d be interested in helping out at the Sunday services.

Dillon arrives at the Rock at 6:30 AM each Sunday morning, and works in the production booth seven to 10 hours. He also volunteers at special church concerts and events. Not only has he gained volunteer experience at the Rock, but he also gets school credit. He is part of the high school’s Coronado School of the Arts’ (CoSA) Technical Theater program.

Dillon controlling the projector slides during worship.

"Dillon has proven to be an amazing servant in so many ways," said Trisha. "Actually, sometimes I forget he is so young because his level of professionalism and overall ability reminds me of a seasoned veteran. I think I can speak for the whole team and say we are truly grateful he has been serving in Production Arts."

The Rock has helped Dillon find his niche.

"Being able to work in a very professional environment has taught me how to manage my time, and where to put it to use," said Dillon. "Creating friendships at the Rock has also been a blessing, and these people keep me strong in my walk with the Lord. Thank you, Rock Church and staff, for a wonderful opportunity!"

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