by Dave Franco | October 2, 2013

Scott Milnes danced in the lights of a swanky nightclub with two beautiful women in front of him and a half finished drink at his regular table. It was the kind of moment he had regularly found himself in ever since his divorce. Women, alcohol, and lavish spending were the only ways he knew to dull the pain.

When he committed to another relationship with a woman who he believed was finally the one, it fell apart too, and he found the pain to be worse than his divorce. So back to the dance floor he went, which is where he found himself again this night—only this time, as he looked at the women he didn’t know and felt the alcohol sloshing away in his belly, the emptiness of his life came rushing over him. The glitz and glam of the nightclub scene had always seemed full of promise and excitement. Suddenly, after years of putting all his hope in it, it was nothing but painfully empty disappointment. He went home and cried out, “OK, Lord, I’m ready to be Yours! I’m ready to do it Your way!”

Little by little, God replaced the lights of the club with the brilliance of His presence, the thrill of materialism with the richness of His love and the touch of a woman with a spiritual intimacy he had never known. God slowly broke his addictions and the pain of his failed relationships began to fade. It left him in a place where all he had was God and everything else had been stripped away. It was exactly where he needed to be. Scott was finally at peace.

Years later, he found himself with the opportunity to co-lead the Rock’s Divorce Recovery ministry and he jumped at the chance. “If there is anybody who knows the pain of a broken relationship, it’s me,” Scott says. “But I also know the healing power of Jesus. I just want everyone who feels hopeless to know that there is hope. You will heal.”


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