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Not Alone: Finding Hope after Divorce
By Jessie Peltier

Last Christmas, Gary’s wife of 13 years asked for a divorce.

“My world just fell apart,” Gary said. “Nothing seemed to matter anymore and I began to dread even life itself.”

Concentrating at work became difficult, and all his hope seemed to have faded away. He turned his anger inward and began cutting his arms. Depression and loneliness became overwhelming and for several weeks, he struggled with suicidal thoughts.

One Saturday, on his way to attend a 13-week class at the Rock Church called Divorce Care, Gary was listening to the radio.

Something happened that rocked him to his core.

“I was in my car on the way to Divorce Care when I felt the Spirit of God speak to me through a song. I became emotionally overcome and knew right then and there that I was no longer in control. I had to surrender it all to Christ.”

Gary began to reach out for the help he so desperately needed through church and his work. One of the topics the Divorce Care class teaches about provided Gary the opportunity to view his shattered marriage through the eyes of his ex-wife. He then asked her to forgive him. He also asked God for forgiveness, and he forgave himself. From that week forward, Gary has claimed to be a new creation in the Lord – a new man.

“I was in my car on the way to Divorce Care when I felt the Spirit of God speak to me through a song.”

“The devil still attacks me with reminders of my loneliness and depression,” Gary says, “but the banner over me is love, and God is love. The strongholds of Satan no longer have a hold on me. I feel the presence of Jesus with me every day and I sing a new song in my heart now.”

Life-changing stories like this are an inspiration and bring hope. Divorce is a life situation that affects people regardless of age, social status or religious preference. The new Divorce Care class will be offered at Rock Church later in 2009 and is also offered at various locations throughout the San Diego area.

The course offers biblical studies in a variety of areas, including anger management, depression and loneliness. It also discusses other difficult-to-deal-with topics such as caring for children, financial survivability, forgiveness and reconciliation.

People from all walks of life attend Divorce Care to tell their story, share experiences and learn what vital role God plays during this extremely difficult time of their life.

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