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Get to know your Worship Leader: Drew Barragan

by Harriet Guda | September 21, 2017

Rock Church San Ysidro Worship Leader, Drew Barragan is a local boy who was born in San Diego and graduated from University City High School. He was a musician since he was in his mother's womb. Music ran in the family so it's no surprise that he would grow to love the lord and music. This family's love for music actually spans from his maternal grandmother being a singer and his paternal grandfather playing Alto Saxophone. Of course, as a young boy, this was the first instrument Drew learned to play. 

Growing up in the church, Drew always knew about God and had moments knowing that God loved him. But, he never had his own faith in God. When he was 15 years old, Drew's parents encouraged him to attend a youth camp. As he was listening to the song "Heart of Worship" one night, he really listened to the words and felt God call him to do something great. So, he surrendered his life to the Lord. 

At 16-years-old, Drew picked up a guitar and having a foundation of music in his family, he would play it or the alto sax and even play solos in the Worship band. He began singing lead as the church needed leaders and he was encouraged by his dad to go for it. He then began helping the Youth Band because his brother, Danny, Rock Church Point Loma Worship Leader, asked him to join. About a year after the Rock Church San Ysidro campus began, Worship Leader, Will Fejeran, asked Drew to join their worship team and he followed.

Drew's faith would be tested again when the worship team learned of Pastor Will passing away. God called him, Isaac and Danny to "pick up and keep it up". As 2016 was a tough year, Drew always listened to God's calling for him, saying, "God asked me, "Are you ready to receive it and lead people to trade in their sorrow for joy?" Now, as the Worship Leader for Rock Church San Ysidro, he has family with the Worship Team.

When asked what he hopes is conveyed to people from the stage during worship ever Sunday, Drew responded with, "This is a time to let go of all our cares and worries, to lift up our hands and worship the Lord. We serve a mighty God and when we are in His presence, the enemy will flee. When we give up our trials, He can clean, wash and give us freedom and heaven on earth and it's in that moment when we allow ourselves to be one with Him, when God will give us a glimpse of heaven."

Drew also loves to travel. When asked what his one piece of advice would be he says, "In Proverbs 22, it says that 'the borrower is a servant to the lender.' Many people travel using credit cards. But the Lord wants you to not be in debt. Be a good steward with your money, find counsel and ask close friends to be your accountability. You will discover more blessings from God and have financial freedom in Christ."

A little-known, fun fact about Drew, is that in High School, he used to break dance, was on a crew and they even competed and won trophies! Today, he can still do some moves may bust it out once in a while! 

Finally, when Drew was asked what he loves about "Night of Worship" and what can people expect from the event. He replied, "October 13th is going to be a night when hearts will be transformed. We hope for people to sense and feel God in praise and worship and we expect that healing, restoration of relationships and marriages will take place!"

Finally, for a few lightning round questions!

Ocean or Mountains? 


Morning or Night? 

Night time. As a musician, when it's quiet, you are you're most creative.

Sweet or Spicy food? 

Both. I love Indian food, especially yellow curry and rice!

You have Sunday off, what do you do? 

Spend time with my wife, Maggie. We enjoy getting away to the beach or to the zoo and also love quiet time.


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