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Do Something World Clean-Up: Encanto
By Victoria Elder
An army of 1,650 Do Something World volunteers marched on the city of San Diego Saturday, April 10, with a mission to help beautify the city. Participants in Do Something World shirts weeded, raked, trimmed trees, painted, repaired equipment, and collected trash and recyclables at three venues––Balboa Park, Encanto and Jackie Robinson YMCA/Chollas Creek. Here's a story about Encanto. (See separate stories about the YMCA and sites in Balboa Park!)

Giving Back along Euclid

In the Encanto neighborhood of San Diego, volunteers attacked the Euclid Avenue Trolley Station, painting over graffiti, pulling weeds and picking up trash. Crews also worked along Euclid Avenue from Guymon Street to Geneva Avenue; along Market Street from Euclid Avenue to 54th Street; and along Atkins Avenue from 59th Street to 70th Street.

Pastor Miles on the Sunday after the Do Something World Clean-Up Event noted that volunteers painted two miles of wall along the trolley line. He told of how an appreciative resident and her friends made 300 sandwiches for the workers.

“I want to give my time back to God because he has given me so much.” -- Yumiko

One volunteer named Yumiko picked up trash for blocks in the Encanto area alongside Imperial Avenue. She said she came out because “I want to give my time back to God because he has given me so much.”

Yumiko is a single mother who years ago had to quit school to raise both her son and the son of a friend who passed away. Yumiko also volunteers with other ministries at the Rock Church, including the Share Ministry and the Recycling Ministry.

“When I lost my job last year, I prayed and asked God for direction," she said. "The boys are older now; one in college and the other in high school, and the Lord has opened a door for me to return to dental school. I put my faith in God and He is supplying all of my needs.”

'It Feels Good'

People had many reasons for volunteering.

“Encanto has a sense of community and people seem to care. I also believe that there is nothing better than getting up early in the morning to serve the Lord,” said Carrie, whose boyfriend told her about the Do Something World Clean-Up Event.

“I just want to stay active and be productive in the community," a young man named Jorge said. "I kept telling myself to get involved and I finally decided to do it.”

"It seemed as though the volunteers who had the hardest task were the happiest. I feel privileged to be a part of this.” -- Steve

“It feels good to get out and do something instead of lying in the bed all morning," said Michael. "I wanted to go where there was the greatest need and where they needed the most help because I felt like it would be more impactful.”

Steve said it was a chance to use the gifts that God has given him. "If you don’t know what to do, go where God is doing something and get involved. Everyone has worked hard and nobody complained. It seemed as though the volunteers who had the hardest task were the happiest. I feel privileged to be a part of this.”

A mother-daughter team named Annie and Maria came out early. “My daughter has been a member of the Rock Church for two years now and I started attending about a year ago. I live nearby and decided to volunteer," said Annie. 

After about three hours of cleaning up the community, Maria was headed to work.  “Although I have to go to work now, taking the time to volunteer is worth the sacrifice and is the least I can do. Instead of sitting around and complaining about what needs to be done, we just have to do something about it, otherwise, who are we to complain?"


Victoria Elder is a volunteer with the Rock Church Writers Ministry. For more info, visit