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Recycling Rocks. DUH.
By Andrea Redd

Across the globe and a world away, barefoot children scavenge for their next meal among the trash heaps of Zambia. Here in San Diego, consumers gather their own trash in hopes of helping those Desperate, Underprivileged, and Hungry children.

How can more garbage get the African children out of the dump? Through recycling. Duh.

Twambo, one many children sponsored through the DUH Recycling program
Twambo, one many children sponsored through the DUH Recycling program

April 2008. It all began with Tara Paul's broken heart. Seeing the suffering of innocent children opened her mind to the possibility of being used by God. Even though she felt limited by her resources and hated public speaking, she felt compelled to do something.

Inspired by her daughter, she began to collect recyclables, using the money to sponsor children through World Vision who were Desperate, Underprivileged, and Hungry. D.U.H. What better way to save children's lives, protect the environment, serve God and the church, and minister to the community?

Summer 2008. Neighbors begin to notice the Rock D.U.H. volunteers clad in their signature orange jumpsuits every Sunday, and start asking questions. Leftover soda cans suddenly become a conversation starter about saving children, the mission of God's church, and the unconditional love of Jesus.

Bikers, dog-walkers and cyclists return with their own stash of trash. More volunteers are recruited to help with the project. Letter writers gather to correspond with the sponsored children.

December 2008. More than 40 children receive monthly sponsorship through World Vision from the proceeds of the recyclables ministry. Their Zambian villages benefit from the healthcare workers, better school facilities, and agricultural assistance. The children themselves get food, clean water, shoes and other necessities.

And hope. D.U.H. volunteers create a community of prayer warriors for the children, their villages, and each other. Knowing that there are desperate, underprivileged, hungry children in our own community, D.U.H. donates proceeds beyond their current sponsorship needs to Toys for Joy.

God is using trash to renew and restore the lives of children far away. He's given us an easy way to reach beyond ourselves, to share in our communities and jobs, and to be his hands and feet. God has done immeasurably more than we can imagine with our junk. Let's see what he can do with the rest of our lives.

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