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Ministry Highlight | End of Life
By Dave Franco

The final stage of a person’s life is usually a painful process for the family and friends of the dying. There are few among us who know exactly what to do, what to say, how to comfort.

And yet, while most of us are searching in vain for the right words or the proper way to touch, critical time is passing—time that could be spent blessing the dying in profound ways. If only we knew how.

When Rita Diaz simultaneously cared for two dying relatives, she got a sense that in doing so, she was fulfilling God’s design for her. When she volunteered at a hospice facility, it was confirmed—she had found her purpose. Moved to take action, she asked her supervisor, Trina Mojica to join her in forming a ministry that is today called A Time of Presence.

“We teach people techniques to create an environment of love and God’s presence,” Rita says. “Where relationships are healed, God is magnified and the dying know in their hearts that they are deeply cared for. Confusion and fumbling around are not necessary. Everyone has the ability to make the last stages of life a glorious and meaningful time.”

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