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An Eternal Makeover
By Vittoria Allen

Turn on the TV and you will most likely come across a show about transformation. There are shows about transforming someone's style, home, hair, and body, and so many of us soak in these shows to watch the joy on people's faces when the transformation is revealed! (Are you ready to see your Fixer Upper?!)

For Candice, even though she works in the beauty industry, transformation is about more than outward appearances. 

Pastor Lisa from Rock Church Outreach, knows first hand the heart Candice has for seeing people's hearts transformed. "This woman is a powerhouse. She exercises a lifestyle of work and love based on godly wisdom. She puts her faith into action. I'm so amazed with the strength she has. She pours out so much to others, her family, and employees. She is all about giving back. Working in the beauty industry can be challenging, but she keeps her eyes on the Lord at all times."

God was teaching me a lesson to always rely on Him to bring Makeover Ministry the right volunteers."

Candice started running the Makeover Ministry six years ago. Although she didn't begin the ministry, when she heard about it, she knew it was the perfect way for her to get involved and take the ministry to the next level. Eventually, when she took over the ministry they were only working in homeless and women's shelters, but Candice was certain God wanted her to open up her own salon where she could reach even more people. At shelters and homes, prayer was sometimes restricted, so she knew by opening her own salon she would have the opportunity to worship the Lord and share the Gospel freely in her workspace. And so, Candice opened a salon and got to work. 

Over twenty homeless teens showed up that first night for a fresh haircut for school. Despite the long day behind her, Candice stayed at her salon until almost midnight cutting each person's hair by herself. "I got in my car and began to cry," she rememered. "I was so disappointed that no volunteers showed up. Ever since then, even though it may be day of event volunteers signing up, we have always had help! God was teaching me a lesson to always rely on Him to bring Makeover Ministry the right volunteers."

...their lives are truly transformed when they hear about God's love for them

Candice's goal is to provide beauty services to those in need; from a homeless person, to a mom grieving a lost child and everyone in between. No matter the circumstance in life, sometimes just a little pampering can bring great joy to a person's day. The Makeover Ministry offers haircuts at Toys for Joy each year, and the joy on people's faces as they leave feeling refreshed is something that Candice never gets tired of. Although each person is shy and embarrased to ask for a free haircut, their lives are truly transformed when they hear about God's love for them and that is why Candice does what she does. "You begin to see their joy and grateful heart. That is why we do it. It's immediate gratification and a true act of kindness." 

"It's amazing what a simple haircut can do for one's morale and confidence. It also gives the stylist an opportunity to share a one-on-one personal encounter with a person that loves them through the lens of Jesus," said Pastor Lisa. 

Rock Church loves to honor the people that serve without any expectation of reward. Hundreds of ministries serve thousands of people each year, and this month, Pastor Lisa and her team decided Candice deserved to be celebrated as a Rock Community Hero. As a woman who has been truly transformed by her heavenly Father, Pastor Lisa sees Candice as someone who is full of joy despite a very busy life! A salon owner with a staff of 20, a mother of two toddlers, and the wife of a Navy Seal, Candice, she said, "is very deserving of this, and so much more. She will have to wait for the rest of her 'Eternal Rewards' from Jesus one day!" 

Although for Candice, it seems that she feels rewarded enough to be able to serve her community by doing what she loves. "As I serve others, God continually reminds me I am His daughter and He will take care of me. Salon life can be I feel the ministry has given me opportunity to share with my staff and clients what I do and help them get involved or share Christ with them," she shared. 

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