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Healing Wives, Healing Lives
By Shelley Gilbert

The young woman waited for the phone to ring, though she knew it wouldn’t. Hope turned to anger when her husband didn’t call. A cold dinner alone in the dining room was becoming commonplace. The chill on her food was like the frost that had gripped her marriage.

Beverly Kelly

The woman’s best friend understood. The two disillusioned wives shared complaints—and plans to leave their husbands.

In 2005, Beverly Kelly started the ministry at the Rock Church called FaithWorks, Her goal was to fill a need in the church for women in troubled marriages. The outreach is for women who want restoration with their husband.

The focus of FaithWorks is for women who are facing divorce or separation, or whose married relationship is more roommate than spouse. The ten-week sessions cover various topics such as “Have you left your first love?” “Personalities: Understanding the Differences,”  and “Love and Respect.” FaithWorks meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the Rock Church in the chapel on the first floor.

The changes were small at first as she realized the problem was not just her husband but her attitude towards him.

The best friends attended one of Beverly’s informational meetings. Beverly shared her testimony about her own marriage. “It’s not about our husbands,” she said. “It is about us as individuals and our relationship with God. He is the only One who gives life to the dry bones of the valley.” She referred her audience to Ezekiel 37.

The message rang true in the young woman’s heart. She decided she needed to plug into this ministry—her marriage depended on it. At first she was unsure, but she put her trust in God and allowed Him to work in her life. The changes were small at first as she realized the problem was not just her husband but her attitude towards him. God began working in both their hearts. Healing took place and a new respect and understanding replaced the old wounds. The woman’s marriage now flourishes!

However, the woman’s friend chose not to participate in the class. She went on a different path. God wants willing hearts, minds and souls.

For more information on how to become a part of this ministry, please contact Beverly Kelly at [email protected]

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