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Happy 4th Anniversary Rock Church!
By Kimee West

Do you know the significance of February 27, 2004? It's not a national holiday, and we don't get out of school, but it's an important date for anyone who attends the Rock, because it marks our four year anniversary as a church! For the past four years, God has blessed and used the Rock to save, equip, and send out soul-winners for Jesus Christ.

Once Upon a Sunday in February

After serving at Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego for fifteen years, Pastor Miles McPherson stepped out and began a new church in Montezuma Hall at San Diego State University. At that first service, 2900 people were in attendance. It was the beginning of a journey that would lead the church through many changes and periods of growth.

Now, four years later, we can look back and reflect on how God has blessed this church, as well as look to the future to consider where God is leading us in the coming years.

Four Years of Growth

The Rock believes in the power of prayer, evidenced by the \
The Rock believes in the power of prayer, evidenced by the "Adopt a Pastor" program and Dunamis

Since that first service in Montezuma Hall, the Rock Church has experienced amazing growth, from 2900 people on that first Sunday to about 4600 regular attendees today. The Rock has expanded in even more significant areas, such as small groups and ministries.

The Rock's development is definitely evidenced by the increasing number of small groups across the city. In a large church like the Rock, it is easy to "blend in" and become lost in a sea of faces at the Sunday services. Because of this, leaders at the Rock have stressed the importance of becoming involved in small groups.

With more and more people joining small groups, they are constantly expanding and reproducing. Jack Ross, a member of the Rock, has been involved in small groups for the last three years and has witnessed their growth personally: "In the last few years, I've seen my small groups split more than four times. Each time our group gets too large, it branches off and produces another group to accommodate more people." As the Rock Church continues to increase in numbers, small groups will also grow, offering a place for church members to gather and connect with one another.

The church has also been able to grow in another very significant area: ministries. There are more than forty ministries at the Rock Church! The Prayer Ministry, Altar Call Ministry, Single Parents Ministry, Writer's Ministry, Tijuana House Building Ministry, and the Usher/Greeter Ministry are just some of the many ministries that have been started at the Rock throughout the past four years. Through these ministries, members of the Rock are able to serve their fellow brothers and sisters and reach out to the community of San Diego.

Where We're Headed Now

Ministries like the Tijuana House Building Ministry help make every member a minister
Ministries like the Tijuana House Building Ministry help make every member a minister

...They replied, 'Let us start rebuilding.' So they began this good work. Nehemiah 2:18

God is now providing an amazing opportunity for even more responsibility. The np3 project was revealed to the church body in 2003; it is a plan that will eventually result in a new church facility and training center in Point Loma. The property is located at Liberty Station (the former Naval Training Center).

As of right now, construction is scheduled to begin by the end of this year, and the first phase of the project will probably last a little over one year. Once the project has been completed, the Rock Church and Training Center will be more than 200,000 square feet. The facility will include a 3,500-seat sanctuary, and more than 70 rooms will be available for meetings and ministry use throughout the week. This facility is going to be instrumental in the influence the Rock can have on the city of San Diego.

Pastor Miles McPherson said, "God has continually opened doors, not only for this site, but for a vision of the future of our church and ministry. Now God has shown us very clearly and very specifically what He wants us to do next. As it was in Nehemiah's day, it's time for us to say, 'Let us rise up and build,' and set our hands to this good work." It is obvious that this is an incredible opportunity in front of us. God has gone before us and prepared the way for the Rock to begin this new phase of our history.

Where Do You Fit In?

Members of the Rock made three year committments to support the church in the np3 project
Members of the Rock made three year committments to support the church in the np3 project

Maybe you have been a part of the Rock Church from day one and you were at Montezuma Hall on that Sunday service four years ago. Or perhaps you have only attended for a few months and haven't yet had the chance to really get involved. Although we come from different backgrounds, we all have unique gifts and talents to offer. As the Rock continues in its plans to move to the new training center in Point Loma, there is going to be an increasing need for church members to become involved in all areas.

If you call the Rock Church your home, you ought to seriously consider where you fit into this church body. Are you involved in a small group? Is God tugging at your heart and leading you to become involved in a ministry (or to start a new one)? Is he calling you to be a part of the np3 project through financial support or by making a commitment to pray for the building process? Check out the opportunities available to deepen your walk with God or to impact other people in His name, and ask God to show you where you fit in.

All the Glory to God

So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 1 Corinthians 3:7

As we reflect on the past four years, we must remember that the growth of the Rock Church is not the result of mere human labor. God has blessed us in tremendous ways, and we can't forget to thank Him for the things He's done.

As we look forward to the next four years (and beyond), it is obvious that God has some amazing things in store for us. Any growth that may occur and any lives that may be changed through the Rock Church will be because God is working in and through us.

As Pastor Miles McPherson pointed out, "There is no greater blessing than to be part of something incredible, look back on it in awe, and say: 'THAT WAS GOD!'" Let us praise God for what He has already done and give Him the glory for all that He is going to do through the Rock Church in the future.

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